The Schmidt Art Crawl is back


By Alouette Gilmer

Artist lofts Pag Schmidt – “Where art lives”
What do artists do? They create art.
What do artists do in the event of a pandemic? They create more art.
Schmidt Artist Lofts will host the Saint Paul Art Crawl from October 15 to 17. This unique community of artists, along with other artists and concert workers, faced many challenges with venues closed, events canceled, and lifelines suddenly missing. Fortunately, many have been given time and a temporary financial safety net. Time, patronage and talent form a renaissance. In October, the doors will reopen at Schmidt Artist Lofts for an explosion of unleashed talent with two landmark art exhibitions and the exquisite work of 60 residents and guest artists.

Headlining art exhibitions: October 10-30:
The artists of Ugly Daisy Studio
Monuments gallery
Event information:
When you cross pollinate a flower you never know what you are going to get except that it will be uniquely beautiful.
This exhibition showcases the work of three accomplished stellar artists, each with a completely different abstract style. Together, they collaborated on breathtaking paintings. This show introduces you to both the individual and collaborative process of artists Petra Johnita Lommen, MaryBeth Garrigan, and Rick Pirtle. It’s rare and the opus works.
Don’t walk, run to see it!

Welcome to my world
Atrium gallery
Event Info:
At first glance, this may not be what it seems.
Elegant large-scale photographs adorn the Schmidt’s atrium for the first time. A natural sanctuary that comes to life with this exhibition, it is a perfect place for large-scale works. The common thread of the exhibition is the challenge of perception. Images at first glance may not be what they appear to be. Curiosity pushes you to assert your beliefs, your view to question and offers (in my case) a release of gratitude, whether intentional or not. The images, photographic or acrylic, are the work of a passionate and talented artist, Lark Gilmer, deeply rooted in humanity and deeply linked to the earth. It is a first exhibition, an unveiling, a revelation of a gifted artist.
Featured artists: October 15-17
Over 60 artists will be on display throughout the Brewhouse building with featured works by Schmidt residents like DC Ice, Brad Menninga, Stephen Poling, Sara Nogle, Carin Eckstrand, Kelly Ludeking and other photographers, painters, printmakers, candle makers , guest clay artists, textile artists, illustrators, metallurgist and more. Please note that the Bottlehouse will not be open.
The complete list of artists is available on the Schmidt Artists website:
Join us at Schmidt Artist Lofts Brewhouse, 900 W. 7th Street, Saint Paul, Schmidt Art Crawl Friday October 15th, 6-10pm; Saturday October 16, 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. Sunday October 17, 12 p.m. – 5 p.m.
Tickets are free and can be booked at
Reservations and masks are required for entry. For more information on Schmidt Art Crawl –

For more information on other events at Saint Paul Art Crawl –


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