Mexico investigates alleged destruction of Frida Kahlo drawing, which was burned for having it scanned and sold as NFT

Millionaire businessman Martin Mobarak was burned a few months ago spooky ghost (1944), an original drawing by Frida Khalo was valued at $10 million (about 10,405,827 euros or about 200 million pesos). believed to have done so with the intention of Convert functions to specific NFTs,non-fungible token), also known as “crypto art,

According to the estimates of the millionaire himself, NFTs will be purchased via ETH (Ethreum), a cryptocurrency for 1,416 euros / 1,361 dollars, approximately 27,000 pesos and each NFT will be sold for 3 ETH, with Expected to raise more than 800 million pesos (about 41 million euros / about 40 million dollars).

In addition, it was specified that among the institutions that would benefit from this action are: Frida Kahlo House MuseumPalace of Fine Arts and National School of Plastic Arts.

Mobaraki The image was created in 2015 with, when he bought it from the New York gallery Mary Anne Martin. He thinks their burning may be “misunderstood”, but thinks it is a process to bring Khalo to “immortality”.

However, the Mexican National Institute of Fine Arts and Literature (INBAL) announced on Monday that it was collecting “All the necessary information, to be established with certainty” that an original work by the Mexican painter Frida Kahlo (1907-1954) was presumed to have been destroyed, in addition, there is a decree by which All of the artist’s works have been declared an artistic monument Mexican

Inbal of Mexico denied in a statement that the institution’s campuses, such as Palace of Fine Arts and/or Palace MuseumWill receive any donation from said Collector, as he publicly declares.

In addition, he recalled that the Bank of Mexico is a trustee of the Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo Museum Trust, “in its capacity as owner of the patriarchal rights to the works” and, to date, “it has not received a request and Authorization to reproduce has not been issued About the referenced work »

He clarified that Inbal “will abide by what has been established” at all times. Federal Law on Archaeological, Artistic and Historical Monuments and Territories (LFMZAAH)Its regulations and its decree “by which all the works of the Mexican artist Frida Kahlo Calderón are declared an artistic monument”.

El Inbal recalled that in Mexico “the intentional destruction of an artistic monument constitutes an offense within the meaning of the Federal Law on Archaeological, Artistic and Historical Monuments and Territories”.