Chennnai online loan racket arrested, two arrested

Fraudsters run bogus call centers and swindle people to transfer money to them online under the guise of processing loans, police say

The Adyar Cyber ​​Crime Cell dismantled another online loan scam and arrested two defendants, including a woman who cheated on many people after collecting money under the pretext of facilitating quick loans at cheap rates .

In Adyar Police District, police have already dismantled six cases of online loan scams and sealed call centers run by fraudsters.

Police came across the latest racketeering following a complaint filed by Purushothaman, 22, from Velachery, who was seeking a loan to support his sister’s finances. A woman called him on the phone and introduced herself as a caller from a major bank. She said the government had given loans at lower rates to sick industries without any collateral during the lockdown. The appellant also sent her ID card through Whatsapp and convinced her to get the loan. At her request, he sent her all the documents. She replied that he was eligible for a ₹ 2 lakh loan.

Police said the appellant made the complainant pay 7,000 online under the guise of insuring the loan amount. He later had to pay 3,000 for GST charges. When the appellant asked him to pay 3,000 to improve his CIBIL score, the complainant became suspicious of the transaction and asked the appellant to deduct the amount once he received the loan amount. The appellant then turned off her phone and there was no response.

The victim filed a complaint with Adyar’s cybercrime team. Going into the fraudster’s call records and banking transactions, a special team of police tracked down the alleged caller who was identified as Shanmugapriya, 24 from Nanganallur. She and R. Premnath, 30 years old from Veppampattu, Tiruvallur district, ran a call center called “HP Global Services Banking & Non Banking” and cheated many people after collecting money by offering online loans. Both previously worked in another call center in Nemilichery and, having gained previous experience, they had been running the call center in Sevvapet for a year. Both were arrested and taken into custody.

Deputy Commissioner of Police, Adyar V. Vikraman said: “Since insurance is compulsory for loan products, some unscrupulous people, using this clause have been committing fraud under the pretext of insurance for loans, as well as collect the service charge. When gullible victims claim their money, scammers turn off their cell phones or change their SIM cards, leaving victims dry. No bank will offer loans over the phone and the public has been urged to be more vigilant about fraudulent calls. ”

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