There are various random situations in life. Some are joyful, some just the opposite – they can generate a lot of stress. Such random events are often associated with unexpected expenses. If you do not have the right amount or do not want to use the accumulated savings, then a non-bank loan will be a good solution. Check what it is!

A non-bank loan is a convenient way to borrow money from an authorized financial institution. The procedure for obtaining it is maximally simplified and does not require completing a large stack of documents. The whole can close even in up to 15 minutes, but everything depends on the individual situation of each client.

Guaranteed bad credit loan $1000 

We at respect our customers and process all applications for a guaranteed bad credit loan. The minimum conditions that should be met so that we can consider an application for a non-bank loan are:

  • appropriate age – 18 years or older,
  • fixed income
  • the valid ID card,
  • own mobile number,
  • successfully passing the creditworthiness check procedure at Loan and Credit.

During the application procedure, it is important to provide only true information. If false information is provided, the loan will not be granted.

What is the amount of the first loan and when can it be applied for?

For the sake of security procedures that prevail at Loan and Credit, the first non-bank loan for a new user is up to USD 1,500, while subsequent ones can be higher, up to a maximum of USD 5,000. One of the conditions for a successful loan procedure is to complete the verification of the user’s identity. A person who applies for a non-bank loan pays USD 0.01 to a Loan and Credit bank account or performs online verification. You can apply for a loan at any time, but our customer service specialists will review it during their working hours.

Are you applying for the first time? See for yourself that it’s easy!

Are you applying for the first time? See for yourself that it

New customers of Loan and Credit can apply for their first non-bank loan very easily. The procedure does not take much time, and consists of:

  • choosing the loan amount (up to USD 1,500) and choosing the repayment period (from 5 days to 30 days).
  • Registration of a user account, which includes providing personal data necessary to consider an application for a non-bank loan.
  • Undergoing solvency and identity verification procedures.
  • Forwarding the completed application for further consideration.

Each application is treated individually by specialists from the customer service department.

What can you use your non-bank loan for?

The situation with non-bank loans is much simpler than for loans granted by banks. With some types of loans, the bank determines in advance what the amount may be for and you cannot change it. As for non-bank loans, there is no such restriction. You manage the loan amount according to your needs.